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Finished Projects

Custom Rooms for Bed and Breakfast (2)

Copper Whale Inn: Anchorage, Alaska

The Project Build: Remodel rooms with the idea of the owner. The Owner gave me a theme/general Idea and I executed. 

The Rooms: Two Rooms are currently completed one with a speakeasy theme and the other bootlegger theme.

The Build: The rooms were remodeled while bookings were low in the off season. Some design elements were given to me by the owner, others I would design and build into the room. Most of this project was design, build, reassess and adjust ideas.

Christmas Markets (2)

Company is often featured in Condé Nast Magazine

The Project: Build 12 European Style Christmas Market Huts for two ships (2 sets of 6). That were simple to reassemble, store and fit onto a European pallet 80cmx120cm.

The Huts: 3 Different Styles. Large: 120cmx200cmx180cm;

Small: 120cmx120cmx180cm; Experimental half 120cmx120cmx100cm (this was for a fire based drink demonstration)

The Build: Entailed design over a few months and then about 4 weeks to build and deliver. 

The Market: Each ship used a different style, one more carnival/interactive and one more traditional/cozy. 

Escape Rooms (3)

These three Escape Room Projects varied. All for the same client.

Room 1: Built for a Family Cruise in about 2 days with an idea I had last minute after talking to some Guests. Used a ships cabin and lasted 30 minutes with max 8 people. Elements were designed for different age groups and experience levels.

Room 2: Built as a Team Building game for Ship Captains, Hotel Managers, and Cruise Directors. This was actually 4 identical rooms in order to allow everyone to play in the allotted time and each room was used twice for a total of 8 games played. Really fun to design knowing everyone's background. To make it more difficult I designed a few elements that would be easy for a child, but difficult for an Adult. I was also able to play off their Job Roles in how the clues functioned.

Room 3: Another Team Building game, this time for new hires at a Tour Company. I had 1 time slot and 4 different sized and shaped Conference rooms. This required me to design a game that each clue was expandable based on room/team size. The goal was to get everyone to work together using different abilities, and for the game to end at roughly the same time. The logistical challenge of the rooms varying size and layout were the most rewarding part about this project.

Future Projects (looking for client)

Experiential Music and Light Activity: This is an interactive exhibit using only touch, colours, and shapes. It is based on large metal framed cubes with Poly-Carbonate sides and would culminate in a music and light show.

Plush Explosion: Ideally for an online service provider sponsoring a festival or event. It would be a tree like structure of plush/pillow like items installed over mini air cannons. The plush/pillows would then shoot off in all directions containing a discount code for their product as well.

Custom Vehicle Home/Office: I have plans prepared for either an office or travelling home using old 1950's school buses as well as other unique vehicles (not your typical camper van conversion).

Custom Conference Tables or Bar Tops: I have designs that use Concrete, Epoxy, Bottle Caps and Coins. If you have other ideas for mediums and materials let me know!

Hangar Apartment and Sauna

Hobbit House Playhouse

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