Flying Experience

Flight Training Experience- Due to work and life I had to take large breaks through out my training. Fortunately I was able to fly almost everyday when I was training.


Orlando (Apopka), Florida - Started and spent two weeks training here. Thanks First Landings for getting me started!

Fairbanks, Alaska - Kept me going and introduced me to float flying in the True North. Thanks Proflite of Alaska!

Tracy, California- Is where I got to do a majority of my flight training just outside of the Bay Area. And introduced me to complex airspace. Thanks Skyview Avaition!

Como, Italy- To keep me going while working I joined Aero Club Como to start working on my Seaplane Flying. They are the oldest seaplane flight school in the world. 

Anchorage, Alaska- Is where I refreshed all my flight training and was signed off to finish my checkride in Talkeetna, Alaska. Thanks AKAviation and Alaska Floats & Skis!

Aircraft Flown Include:

Tecnam P92; Cessna 152; Piper Cub on Floats; Cessna 172 standard tires, floats, and over-sized tires; Cessna 182, Cessna 180, Cessna 185

Alaska Airports: Merrill Field, Lake Hood, Fairbanks International, Anchorage International, Talkeetna, Kenai Municipal, Seward, Homer, Naknek, King Salmon, Illiamna, Skwentna, Girdwood, McGrath, Galena, Kotzebue


Current: Instrument; Private Pilot Land and Sea Certificate;

High Performance Endorsement

Medical: Third Class


Flight Experience:

Total Time