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Motorcycle Journeys

New Zealand 2014

Bike: 1999 Yamaha XJ900 with Panniers and Heated Grips

Started in Auckland (Purchased in Hamilton), Whangarei (Coastal Route), Paihia, Omapere, Rotorura, Taupo, Napier, Wellington, Kaikoura, Christchurch, Queenstown, Christchurch.

A few long 10+hour riding days, and weather challenges, road conditions were average. Stops were amazing!

Europe Trip 2012

Bike: 1984 Honda CB400 (Scrambler)

First Long Motorcycle Journey Started in Garmisch-Partkirchen, Germany; Verdun, France; Paris, France; Mons, Belgium (Parked Bike); Rotterdam, Netherlands; Hamburg, Germany; Berlin, Germany (Parked BIke); Garmisch-Partkenkirchen, Germany


Due to work Schedule I had to leave the bike parked in various towns and cities and return to continue the journey. Due to budget restraints I would find a row of local looking motorcycles and park in the middle of them in a residential area. Overall Great weather with some long riding days including my longest of 14 hours. 

Europe Trip 2013

Bike: 1984 Honda CB400 (Scrambler)

Started in Garmisch-Partenkirchen,Germany; Como, Italy; Somewhere on Italian Riviera; Nice, France; Route de Napoleon; Chamonix, France; Interlaken, Switzerland; Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

A couple 8 hour days nothing felt long because scenery was beautiful. Challenges included 40+degrees Celsius. And then alternating wet riding and cold temperatures in the mountains. First big Canyon Swing done in Interlaken. 

Alaska Back Country, Germany - Italy, Germany - Czech Republic, Route 66,  Other

Bikes: Yamaha XJ600, Harley-Davidson Road King, Honda XR 80(dirt bike)

Rides were varied. Route 66 was leading a group on a Harley Road King including stops in many U.S. National Parks. XJ600 Has been ridden between Germany and Milan twice and trip from Germany to Prague, and back up through Dresden and Leipzig Germany. The Honda XR 80 was an undersized bike that kept me going in the bush in Alaska.

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